Ed Legum

Author of Being a Business Broker — the art of communicating with buyers & sellers

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“Wow! Legum has nailed our business brokerage business.”
— Ed Pendarvis, founder of Sunbelt


My latest book, Being a Business Broker is now available.


The purpose of this book is to help sellers sell their businesses to buyers. Since the art of this communication demands that you transfer ownership between two parties who have conflicting goals, you will find no quick & easy recipe for success. Instead, you will gain knowledge and learn to use tools that will help you appeal to your buyer’s aspirations, values, and purposes. Finally, if you are looking to buy a business or sell one this book may give you insight on the art of communicating with the one on the other side of the table.

Wow! Edmond Legum has written a very, very valuable book. He has nailed our business brokerage business. I read Being a Business Broker in one sitting. It is a must read for buyers, sellers, and all of us ‘Main Street’ business brokers. Legum has done a terrific job of presenting our business with excellent examples and case studies. This is well done. Well done indeed!
— Ed Pendarvis, founder of Sunbelt

I have read just about every book on business brokerage, and Edmond Legum’s is way up there. In fact, except for mine—just kid-ding—Legum’s is one of the best. It covers everything that someone in the business needs to go to the top. He hasn’t missed a thing! Un-like many how-to books, it is very easy to read and study. I strongly recommend this book not only to those entering or considering the business, but to experienced business brokers as well.
— Tom West, founder of Business Brokerage Press

Nashville’s Leading Business Broker & Commercial Real Estate Broker

I can help you sell your business. For a FREE VALUATION, please call me directly at 770.715.3337 or email me — ed@edlegum.com.

As a licensed Commercial Real Estate Broker with Hodges & Fooshee Realty, I can handle the sale of property that might be part of your business.

Since 1986 I have consulted with over 100 companies throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. Today I am committed to helping business sellers and business buyers in Tennessee and throughout the Mid-South make good deals. Here’s how:

If you’re selling your business …

Valuation — I’ll work with you to determine a competitive and fair market value with terms that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Marketing — I’ll apply tried-and-true advertising and marketing strategies to sell your business quickly.

Screening — I’ll find financially qualified buyers who are ready and able to purchase and run your business.

Showings — I’ll present your business in a discreet way and at times that work for you.

Negotiation — I’ll be the intermediary between you and the buyer and make every effort to bring you the best offer for your business.

If you’re buying a business …

Process — I’ll work with you from the offer to the closing. You’ll know what’s happening every step of the way.

Funding — I’ll help you determine how much money it will take to get into business – and stay there.

Motivation — I’ll inform you of why the seller wants to sell.

Pros & Cons — I’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of being in business for yourself.

Success — I’ll share what I’ve learned in 30 years of business consulting – what it takes to make the most of your business opportunity.

Quick-start for sellers

I want to get to know you and your business. At the same time, my professional obligation is to help you understand clearly:
1. What potential buyers are looking for in a company
2. What they will run away from

We can accomplish this in a face-to-face meeting, where I can ask you the questions that are at the top of your buyers’ minds, such as:

Why are you selling?
Is your business strong and growing?
If not, what is the potential for growth?
What do you plan to do after the sale?
How will you help prepare the new owner during the transition?

How much do you earn from the business?
How many customers do you have?
What are the capabilities of your employees?
What products and services do you offer?
Why do customers choose to do business with you?
Why will they remain loyal when you leave?

What is the condition of your place of business?
What is the condition of your equipment?
What is the condition of your website?

How can you assure continuity of . . .
Sales & earnings?
Staff retention?
Competitive advantage?
Key customer retention?
Favorable lease terms?

What payment terms will you offer?

Quick-start for buyers

I want to get to know you and find out what you are looking for in a new business. To help me find the right business to match your objectives, I recommend we meet face-to-face and discuss questions, such as these:
Why do you want to buy a business?
What is your approximate purchase timeline?
What kind of businesses are you most interested in?
What are the earnings you want to see from qualifying businesses?
What is your experience in business?
What is your experience within your preferred industry?
What are you financial capabilities?